Calgary Fandom

A collected history


Con-Version, a convention in the fannish tradition

Con-Version has a home in the hearts of many fans, from those local to Calgary to those as far away as Perth, Australia. For much of its 25 years it was the most important annual gathering in science fiction, fantasy, and adjacent fandoms.



Con-Version 26 (Quality Inn Airport - October 15–17, 2010): Guests of Honour: Robert Picardo, John de Lancie, Marina Sirtis, Ethan Phillips, Chase Masterson, David B. Coe, Sean Cummings, Heroincredible, the 404s.

Con-Version 25 (The Metropolitan Centre - August 21–23, 2009): Guests of Honour - Terry Brooks, Tanya Huff

Con-Version 24 (Calgary Radisson Airport - August 15–17, 2008): Guests of Honour - Timothy Zahn, K. A. Bedford, Jennie Breeden, Lynda Williams. Ghost of Honour - Gary Gygax

Con-Version 23 (Calgary Radisson Airport - August 17-19, 2007): Guests of Honour - Jack McDevitt - GoH. Chair - Kirstin Morrell

Con-Version 22 (Best Western Hospitality Inn or Ramada Inn - August, 2006): Guests of Honour - perhaps Jeremy Bulloch, John Hertz; or perhaps GoH- Larry Niven, Other guests- David Weber, R.Scott Baker, Derek France - Chair

Con-Version 21.5 (Calgary Westin - room party within WesterCon58: Due North - July 1-4, 2005): Mini-Con Guests: Robert J. Sawyer - GoH, Karen Sim- Artist GoH, Phil Bacon - Fan GoH, Paul Bushell- Fan GoH, Derek France- Chair.

Con-Version 21 (Calgary Westin - August 2004): Guests of Honour - George RR Martin- GoH, James Beveridge- Artist GoH, Spider Robinson and Jeanne Robinson- Canadian GoH, The Arrogant Worms- Special guests, Lisa Reinhardt- Chair

Con-Version 20 (Caglary Westin - August 2003): Guests of Honour - Terry Brooks- GoH, Writers Workshop, Tania Diatalevi-Hodges- Artist GoH, Robert J. Sawyer - Canadian GoH - Special Guest, Dr. Phil Currie- Science GoH, Esther Friesner- Toastmaster, Lisa Reinhardt- Chair

Con-Version 19 / Can-Vention 22 / ConSpec 2002 (August 2002, The Metropolitan Centre): Guests of Honour - Guy Gavriel Kay- GoH, Lar deSouza- Artist GoH, James Alan Gardner- Canadian GoH, Geoffrey A. Landis- Science Guest, Robert J. Sawyer- Toastmaster, ConSpec Guests: Allan Steele, Michael Bishop, Peter Watts, Jeff de Boer, Paul Bushell- Chair

Con-Version 18 (2001, The Metropolitan Centre): Guests of Honour - David Drake - GoH, Jean-Pierre Normand - Artist GoH, Dr. Bill Brooks - Science Guest, Cliff Samuels- Toastmaster, Dirk Benedict- Special Media Guest, Patrick Sweson and Honna Swenson- Writers Workshop Guests, Paul Bushell- Chair

Con-Version 17 (2000, The Metropolitan Centre): Guests of Honour - Mike Resnick - GoH, Julia Lacquement - Artist GoH, Candas Jane Dorsey - Canadian GoH, Thor Osborn - Science Guest, Mike Dale - Media Guest, Michael McAdam - Toastmaster/ Fan GoH, Paul Bushell- Chair Moves to the third weekend of August.

Con-Version 16 (Carriage House Inn - 1999): Guests of Honour - Ben Bova - GoH, Tanya Huff - Canadian Guest, Gregory Bennett - Science Guest, L.E.Modesett Jr. - Special Fantasy Guest, Brenna Toblan- Chair

Con-Version 15 (Coast Plaza Hotel - 1998): Guests of Honour - Joe Haldeman - GoH, J. Michael Straczynski - Special Guest, Bridget Landry - Science Guest, Clifford Samuels - Master of Ceremonies, Dr. Phil Currie - Science Guest, J. Brian Clarke - Canadian Guest, Dave Duncan - Canadian Guest, Brenna Toblan - Chair

Con-Version 14 (Carriage House Inn - 1997): Guests of Honour - Kim Stanley Robinson - GoH, Connie Willis - Toastmaster, Robert J. Sawyer - Canadian Guest, Chair -

Con-Version 13 (1996, Coast Plaza Hotel): Guests of Honour - C. J. Cherryh - GoH, Mel Gildon - Toastmaster, Elisabeth Vonarburg - Canadian Guest, Dr. Phil Currie - Science Guest, Robert J. Sawyer - IFWA (writers workshop) Guest, Gary Frei- Chair

Con-Version 12 (1995, Glenmore Inn): Guests of Honour - Lois McMaster Bujold - GoH, Greg Bear - Toastmaster, Len Wein - Comic Author Guest, Bruce Hallenback - Media, Veronica Carlson - Hammer Films, Ryah Deines - Chair

Con-Version 11 (1994, Marlborough Inn): Guests of Honour - Frederik Pohl - GoH, David Gerrold - Toastmaster, Sean Russell - Canadian Guest, Dr. Phil Currie - Science Guest

Con-Version 10 (1993, Marlborough Inn): Guests of Honour - L. Sprague de Camp and Catherine Crook de Camp - GoH, Ed Bryant - Toastmaster, Ken Macklin - Artist Guest, Dave Duncan - Canadian Guest

Con-Version 9 (1992, Westin Hotel): Guests of Honour - David Brin - GoH, Peter David - Toastmaster, Michael Coney - Canadian Guest

Con-Version 8 (1991, Westin Hotel): Guests of Honour - Stephen R. Donaldson - GoH, George R.R. Martin - Toastmaster, Dean Ing - Writers Workshop Guest, J. Brian Clarke - Special Guest, Leslie Gadallah - Canadian Guest, Real Musgrave - Artist Guest

Con-Version 7 (1990, Westin Hotel): Guests of Honour - Jack Vance - GoH, Mike Resnick - Toastmaster, Spider Robinson and Jeanne Robinson - Canadian Guests, William Hartmann - Science Guest

Con-Version 6 (1989, Westin Hotel): Guests of Honour - Harry Harrison - GoH, Barry Longyear - Toastmaster, Guy Gavriel Kay - Canadian Guest

Con-Version 5 (1988, Carriage House Inn): Guests of Honour - Robert Silverberg - GoH, Karen Haber Silverberg - GoH, Ed Bryant - Toastmaster, William Gibson - Canadian Guest, Crawford Killian - Writers Workshop Guest, L. Sprague de Camp and Catherine Crook de Camp - Special Guests, Patricia Rose Deignan - Industrial Light & Magic - Media

Con-Version 4 (1987, Carriage House Inn): Guests of Honour - Joan Vinge - GoH, Jim Frenkel - Toastmaster, Jack Williamson - Special Guest, Crawford Killian - Canadian Guest

Con-Version 3 (1986, Carriage House Inn): Guests of Honour - Jack L. Chalker - GoH, Phyllis Gotlieb - Toastmaster, Mike Grell - Comic Guest, Julia Lacquement - Comic Guest, Bjo Trimble - Fan Guest, Sonni Cooper - Fan Guest

Con-Version 2 (1985, Carriage House Inn): Guests of Honour -Poul Anderson and Karen Anderson - GoH, Frank M. Robinson - Toastmaster

Con-Version 1 (1984, Port o’Call Inn): Guests of Honour - L. Sprague de Camp - GoH, Catherine Crook de Camp - GoH